Rates & Tariffs

Council approved the Draft budget for the 2012/2013 financial year and MTREF 2013/14 and 2014/15 respectively on the 30th March 2012 as per solution No MLM 0085-03-2012 with the Schedule of tariffs for implementation with effect of 1st July 2012.

Residents and all other interested stakeholders are required to peruse these tariffs for comments and any other submission. This schedule of tariffs is also accessible for perusal in all municipal office boards, Libraries and Sate lite offices

Refuse Removal


Water  Provision

Yard connection

Domestic Consumption ( Metered Consumers)

Domestic Consumption ( Communal stand pipes)

Small Business and Industrial Consumers

 Water delivery to households through water tankers

Bulk Consumption For The Carousel Hotel

Industrial and Large Consumption that is not included in the Domestic Consumption

Cemetery Tariffs

Extra Costs on Request

All request from outside the juridistic Area

Community Halls and Libraries

Technical and LED Machinery

Sundry Charges


Registration into the municipality supplier database

Machinery and Equipment Hire



Download the rates and tariffs here

Payments & Accounts Information
Moretele Local Municipality Office
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Revenue Office 
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Contact Person:  Lucas Monaledi
Tel:                               012 716 1385
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Contact Person:  Daphney Makwaeba
Tel:                               012 716 1384
Email Add:               MakwaebaD@Moretele.local.gov.za