Moretele Housing

The municipality comprises of an estimated 65 residential villages. The largest concentration of settlements comprises of a coalescence of settlements formed by the Makapanstad/ Mathibestad/ Dertig/ Danhouse stretch of villages along the Makapanstad - Temba (Hammanskraal) road. This includes areas of Ga-Motla, Mogogelo and Mmakaunynae.

The Municipality has full authority in area of jurisdiction to regulate and control building activities.

Part 4, section 9(1) of the Housing Act (1997) stipulates that Municipalities must as part of their Integrated Development Planning process, take all reasonable steps within the framework of National and Provincial housing policy and legislation to:

- ensure access to adequate housing to its inhabitants

- set housing delivery goals

- identify and designate land for housing

- initiate, plan, coordinate, facilitate, promote, and enable apropriate housing development in its area of jurisdiction

Objectives Strategies

- To provide appropriate housing to all qualifying communities

- To facilitate access to funding through housing subsidies and funding for development of bulk infrastructure

- To implement land tenure upgrading programmes in consultation with all relevant stakeholders

- To provide appropriate institutional housing options/rental accommodation

- To promote employment creation through housing development programmes

- To establish a housing needs database for the entire are of jurisdiction of the Moretele Local municipality


- Establish accurate housing needs database and  waiting list

- Prepare applications/business plan for funding

- Address security of tenure in rural areas and initiate rural housing subsidy projects

- Develop and implement a comprehensive development strategy catering for different market segments(including rural housing)

- Implement an effective land use management system


Housing Delivery since 2001

Planned Tenure Upgrading Projects



Little Trust

The Municipality intends developing a plan that will ensure that tenure needs are communicated to the Department of Rural Development in a manner that will ensure faster processing of such needs and related processes. A business plan has been submitted to DBSA for funding for the development of the Land Use Management Scheme.