Moretele Local Municipality


Moretele Local Municipality is located in an area called Moretele, which is situated far north of Pretoria in the North West province. The municipality was built in 2000, and covers an area of 1 369km2.  It is located strategically to join four provinces, namely North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.  Moretele is the Setswana name for a river that runs through the area, namely Noka ya Moretele (the Moretele River).

The Municipality comprises of 26 wards, which are made up of 74 villages and plots. Most villages are ruled by 4 traditional leaders(Dikgosi) who are recognised by law and who all represent their respective tribes/communities in council.


53 ranking by population size


Lukhanji , Eastern Cape 190,723 50
Ulundi , KwaZulu-Natal 188,317 51
Mhlontlo , Eastern Cape 188,226 52
Moretele , North West 186,947 53
Jozini , KwaZulu-Natal 186,502 54
Albert Luthuli , Mpumalanga 186,010 55
Umzimkhulu , KwaZulu-Natal 180,302 56



The Moretele Local Municipality has a total population of 186 947, making it the municipality with the smallest population in Bojanala District Municipality. It is highly rural, with 88% of the population residing in traditional areas, about 7,4% residing in urban areas and about 3% residing on smallholdings. Black Africans constitute 99,4% of the Moretele Local Municipality’s population. The most commonly spoken or dominating language is Setwana.

 More than half of the population (51%) is female At age 85 and older, there were more than twice as many women as men. People under 15 years of age made up over a quarter of the population (30,9%), people aged between 15 and 64 constitute more than half of the population (60,9%) and people aged 65 and older made up 8,2% of the population.